ASUS ZenFlash – Review

Hey Folks, It’s me Parveen.
I Hope you have seen my UnBoxing and OverView of the ZenFlash because Now it’s time for the Review

If you have not seen them Click the Below Hyperlinks and check them out…
1. UnBoxing
2. OverView
3. Review and Comparison

So guys, Lets get Started But First of all, Let me tell you about the ZenFlash…
What is it ?
It’s an External Flash actually External Xenon Flash which you can use with your ZenFone to Capture Incredible Images in Extreme Low Light or No-Light Conditions… Yes you heard me right, No-Light Conditions… You can use the ZenFlash to click some Bright and ExtraOrdinary Pictures in totally No-Light Conditions without any problem…

Asus Zenflash is the First Mobile accessory to feature a Xenon Flash just like the DSLRs and the best thing I liked about the ZenFlash is that, It is 100 times Brighter than a Normal LED Flash. It is Specially made for 2nd Genrations ZenFones and I own Two of them. (Maybe in future ZenFlash gets a supports for older ZenFones and other Smartphones but for now it’s only supported for Specific ZenFones…

If you have passion for some Photography but doesn’t have money for buying a costly DSLR, then all you need is the Mid Range Priced ZenFone 2 that has Extremely Powerful and has Great Performance as compared to others and the ZenFlash and If you Love to click the Self Portraits then a LolliFlash also…
So Guys, Let me Start the Review


Box Content

  • ZenFlash
  • Silicon Case
  • 2 velcro strips (1 attached on the ZenFlash and the other 1 spare)
  • User Guide
  • Warranty card

The ASUS ZenFlash is a small and Compact device that has a powerful Xenon Flash with an in-built Micro Usb Pin connected to the cable. It’s specially Designed for the Asus ZenFones. It is Sturdy and Looks Premium. The Zenflash gets the power from the ZenFone itself, So It doesn’t have a battery inside just Like the LolliFlash. Once It is Connected the ZenFlash Camera App will automatically start or you can also Start the App manually. The ZenFlash only works with the ZenFlash Camera App, So you can’t use it with any other Camera App.

Installation Steps
Take a ZenFone and your ZenFlashP_20160107_140219.jpg
Remove the Velcro Sticker From the ZenFlash

Now Clean your ZenFone’s Back and Paste the Sticker to the ZenFone Like This for Removing the ZenFlash Later easily

Slide out the Micro Usb Pin

Now Start Un-Winding the wire

Full wire is now Un-Winded

Stick the ZenFlash in a Straight Line with the Volume keys, Camera and Flash

Take the Micro Usb Pin of ZenFlash and insert it in the Charging Port of Your ZenFone

Once your ZenFlash is Connected, it will automatically Start the ZenFlash Camera App

Then you’ll see two Modes Low Noise Mode and Night Backlight Mode :-
Low Noise Mode

In Low Noise Mode You’ll get the option to select the Distance

Night Backlight Mode

In Night Backlight Mode You’ll get the option to select the Distance as well as ISO

Now Just Choose your Modes/Settings and Start Shooting…

If you Wan’t to know more about ZenFlash Camera App then You can click Here

The ZenFlash has a Xenon Flash Bulb in it and it is 100 Times Brighter and Effective than a Normal LED Flash of a Smartphone. The Input Current rating of the ZenFlash is 5V ~ 300mA and It takes the Power from your ZenFone. It takes time of 5 – 6 Seconds for Recharging the Xenon Flash and in my testing I didn’t felt any problem because of Recharge time.

Steps to Pack the ZenFlash after Shooting
Remove the ZenFlash from the ZenFone as shown in the Picture
Then Remove the Micro Usb Cable from the Port
Wind-Up the Wire in the empty Slot
Insert the Micro Usb Pin in the Empty Slot
Place the ZenFlash in the Silicon Carrying Case
Press it in and You are Done
Now you are Ready to go
And No Need to Remove the Sticker From the ZenFone after Usage, Let it be there for Using your ZenFlash Later and I also Don’t Feel any Problem because of it.

Comparison of Pictures Taken With and Without ZenFlash

  • With ZenFlash and Without ZenFlash

Here’s not much Difference in lighting but the Picture taken with ZenFlash is more Sharp and Clear

  • In Full Black-Out Condition

Auto with Flash, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400 (With ZenFlash in Night BackLight Mode)
Auto with Flash, ISO 100, ISO 400 (With ZenFlash in Night BackLight Mode)

  • PixelMaster and ZenFlash

ZenFlash ISO 100, Low Light Mode without Flash, ZenFlash ISO 100, Auto Clicked after Sunrise
These Few Pictures are Just Random Clicks…
I will add More Comparision Pictures Later in the Comments…

Points to be Noted :-

  • It’s not for Close up Shots and If you’ll do that then it will over Expose your Pictures because it is Extremely powerful just like the Professional DSLR Flashes.
  • If you want to take a Close-up then don’t use the ZenFlash your ZenFone’s Flash is also more than enough to take a Perfect Close-up.
  • If your Velcro sticker has caught of Dust then, No Need to worry because It is Washable, Just wash it a little bit with plain water and Let It Dry. Once it is Completely Dried, your Velcro sticker will agian become 100% Sticky.

Final Verdict
The ZenFlash is a Must Buy for Photo Enthusiasts and for all the Mobile Photographers but only if you own a ZenFone 2 series Smartphones because It only works with them. ZenFlash is Best Smartphone Accessory for Photography Purpose and Just Like those Big Flashes of DSLRs, ZenFlash completes your need of Light in your Pictures and it also Competes with those Big Professional DSLR Flashes. It is light weight and Weighs only 20gm. It is Priced for Rs.1,699 on the Box and If you want to Buy it then Currently It isAvailable on FlipKart for Rs.1598.
With this my Review of ZenFlash Ends Here…


So Guys, Tell me How you Liked it by writing down your feedback in the comments section below…
I am Parveen Kumar Signing off…
Thanks for Reading…


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