How to Download Songs and Videos from Youtube Easily

Hello Guys, Its me Parveen.
In the today’s world of Internet we can’t live without entertainment and by that I mean YouTube…
We Watch Tons of Videos on YouTube Everyday, Week and Month…
And then sometimes while watching a video song or an instructional video we thinks to download that video or Music/Song…
And then we download some apps like TubeMate or YouTube Video Downloader apps for downloading the video but then we gets some ads on the screen while downloading and we all know that’s annoying and their are many more cons of downloading the video via these apps is that sometimes we have to install some plug-ins in order to get our file in higher resolution but Today I have got an amazing Hack for all of you…
So that you can download YouTube videos easily without downloading any third party apps, their plug-ins, you will get your file in high resolution and you don’t have to see those annoying ads…
Follow the Below Steps and then you’ll be able to download YouTube videos directly on your PC or Smartphone without any hassles…
Step 1: Open a Video on Youtube in your Browser.
Step 2: Click on the address bar.
Step 3: Goto the Link of you video,
Step 4: Remove ube from the link and Hit Enter,
Now you’ll be directed to the download page for your video on
Step 5: Choose the time Duration if you want to skip any intro or outro in the video.
Step 6: Choose the Format,
Step 7: Choose Quality,
Step 8: Give a File name or you can go with the Actual video title name.
Step 9: Press the Record Button.
Wait for a few seconds and It will start Downloading your File.
There are many websites that can easily download YT videos but I liked this method because I just have to remove three alphabets from the URL and I dont have to remember any website…
Tell me How do you liked this Method of downloading videos from YouTube in the Comments Section Below…
I am Parveen Kumar signing off…
Thanks for Reading…


Link to my original post – Click Here

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