WhatsApp’s new update will change the way you update status

WhatsApp rolled out the Snapchat’ Stories like feature and it will change the way you update status because now your old text WhatsApp status updates are replaced by Picture/Video Status updates that will disappear after 24 hrs.


Here’s a quick guide on how to use it.

1. When you’ll open the app after updating you’ll see the new option Status and their you’ll see a pop-up “you can now share with your contacts photos and videos that disappear after 24hrs”.


2. Then click on the first story from WhatsApp and you’ll see the instructions as shown below.

3. Now click on the add My status or the add sign on the top to add a status and then you can either click a picture, a video or you can also choose from the recent pictures from your gallery and after that you can also add stickers, Texts, Doodles and then you can share them with your contacts.

And also just like the Snapchat you can see how many people saw your Status.


Congrats! You posted your first status update on WhatsApp, now just like the Snapchat stories you’ll see the your own updates firsts and then your friends.




Now, as we know that WhatsApp has more users than Snapchat and by introducing this WhatsApp Status, Probably the no. of Snapchat users will decrease.

Do you like the new WhatsApp Status ? Tell us in the comments below.


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