The Hydrogen One Smartphone by RED Features a Holographic Display

RED, The High-End Premium Camera maker company has just announced their very first smartphone named “Hydrogen One”, the headline of the announcement says something eye-catching i.e, it’s the world’s first holographic display smartphone.

The Hydrogen One has a rugged design, it is announced in two body materials i.e, Aluminum and Titanium that features a 5.7-inch professional hydrogen holographic display. The screen is totally holographic here, users will be able to experience 2D, 3D, AR, VR or MR content without the need of any type of glasses or headset and with taudio, users will get a multi-dimensional audio experience.

Hydrogen One By RED Back Reveal

It is a standalone, fully featured, unlocked multi-band smartphone running on Android OS i.e, also a modular phone as it has the magnetic pins connector for the modules attachment.

There’s not much to say about the hardware specification and front side of the phone as the company only revealed one image of the phone’s back. In the image, it showed a big camera sensor and a magnetic pin connector at the back, a 3.5mm jack and USB type C port on the bottom.

The Hydrogen One is available for pre-orders at $1,595 and $1,195 for Titanium and  Aluminum Body Respectively for a limited time on RED’s website and the Shipping will start from Q1 of 2018.


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